DinoCity Cindy 00 JP

Cindy the evil cavewoman next to one of the child heroes

Cindy is an enemy from the Super Nintendo/Super Famicom game Dinocity aka Dinowars Kyōryū Ōkoku e no Daibōken (ダイナウォーズ 恐竜王国への大冒険).

She is an evil cavewoman enemy who is twice the size of the child protagonists, and it is impossible to defeat her when you control just the children. They can jump on her to stun her and knock her back slightly, but they can't defeat her without the help of a dinosaur ally.

Her method of attack is jumping around with the intention of landing on the heroes. A few punches or jumps on her head will defeat her when you are playing as the dinosaur.

Cindy is named at the end of the game when it shows all the bad guys during the credits. She also looks different depending on which version of the game you play. In the original Japanese version she is much more sexual, and has large bouncy breasts and a shorter attire. Her face also looks a bit more evil than in the edited American version.


  • The game is loosely based on the 1991 movie Adventures In Dinosaur City. In the movie there is a villainous cavewoman character called Missy, who may have inspired the design for Cindy.


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