Christine Richards

The evil Christine Richards

Christine Richards (Gretchen Corbett) is the hidden main villainess from "The Curse of the King Kamehameha Club," episode 1.11 of Magnum P.I. (airdate February 19, 1981). She is a news reporter for KSFB-TV.

As later revealed, Christine is the granddaughter of wealthy Sidney Dollinger, who owned the land that the titular King Kamehameha Club had their meetings. Sidney had decided to make his land open to the public, but Christine's elitist personality clashed with her grandfather's ideals, as she felt that her family were the true owners of the land. Knowing that the club was the one thing getting in her way of owning the land, Christine decided to sabotage the club, using murder as part of her scheme.

The villainess poisoned surfing contestant Henry Lewis with her grandfather's medication, which caused him to drop dead during his race against Thomas Magnum. Knowing that Orville "Rick" Wright was making the club a success, the evil Christine targeted him as well, doing so after he was supposedly cursed by a kahuna. She later killed the kahuna by setting a fire in a bay field where Magnum and TC chased him; all the while, Christine continued hounding Magnum in an apparent attempt to make him look guilty.

Rick ended up hospitalized due to Christine's actions, and after learning what killed Henry Lewis and nearly killed Rick, Magnum confronted Sidney (after meeting him before) and figured that he was behind everything. Magnum also mentioned Sidney's daughter, as Sidney stated that she badly wanted the land, with Magnum referencing that Sidney's daugther, named Sarah, had passed on. However, Sidney disputed the claim, as he pointed her out to Magnum on his TV. The woman he pointed out was Christine, and she was revealed as Sidney's granddaughter, who bore a resemblance to Sarah--her mother.

Magnum met Christine in the episode's climax, which saw the villainess boldly admit to her scheme. She drove Magnum around town and stated that everything he was looking at belonged to her and her family, while accusing Sidney over giving to everyone but his own family. Christine revealed her true motive: to gain ownership of the land and then sell to the highest bidder, even offering Magnum a share of her profits, with Magnum refusing. Christine boasted to Magnum that he had no proof of her actions, and that she would use her job to paint Magnum as the true culprit. At that moment, Magnum revealed to Christine that he had recorded her entire confession, leading to the villainess speeding in her car, only for Magnum to hit the brakes and stop her. Christine was arrested (off-screen) for her murderous actions.

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