Hidden villainess Christine Fox

Christine Fox is the secondary villainess of The Mirror, a story from Adventures Into Weird World #8 (released in July 1952). She was the wife of Charles Fox and the stepmother of his son, Charles Fox, Jr. The comic began with detective Jim Brady returning Charles Fox, Jr. to Christine after catching him trying to buy a train ticket to St. Louis.

Upon Charles Jr. and Jim's arrival, Christine claimed that she believed that Charles Jr.'s running away had been a result of his mother's recent passing and his father remarrying to her. Charles Jr., however, revealed the true meaning for his fleeing: he had had a dream in which Christine lured his father into being pulled into a mirror by a ghoulish apparition, laughing afterwards. Shortly before doing committing the diabolical act, Christine was assured by Charles, Sr. that she'd have full control of his money in the event of his death.

After hearing of the boy's dream, Jim brought Charles, Jr. to look at the mirror, hoping to put his fears to rest. Christine became fiercely protective of the mirror as Jim and Charles, Jr. looked at it, but as the two men looked at the mirror, Charles, Jr. accidentally summoned the spirit from his dream by stating its' name, Maridel. After the spirit convinced both Charles, Jr. and Jim to enter into her realm, the spirit granted Christine two more years of life, revealing that Christine sacrificed the life of her husband both for his money and to add years to her life. After the spirit disappeared, Christine drew the curtains for the mirror down.

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