Colonel Choi (Jessey Meng) was the aide and lover of the rogue KMT General Yang (Anthony Wong). She is extremely loyal to General Yang's cause of restoring China to its former glory after the effects of the Second Sino-Japanese War, World War II, and the recurrent Chinese Civil War. Along with Yang's rouge paramilitary KMT, they seek to reawaken ancient Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang (Jet Li) so that he can bring order to China and the world.

She makes her first appearance in the paramilitary training camp in Western China, briefing General Yang of the O' Connell's presence in Shanghai. Once in the museum in Shanghai, she, Yang, and Professor Roger Wilson (who acted as a spy) hold Rick and Evelyn at gun point. Evelyn tries to attacl Yang with a hidden knife but is quickly restrained by Choi. Choi then cuts Eve's finger to drop a pure blood on the ancient Chinese artifact that could awaken the Emperor. Alex O' Connell and Lin come out of hiding and attack the villains, only for the sacred water of the artifact to land in the Emperor's chest during the scuffle. The Emperor awakens and storms out into Shanghai, decapitating Prof. Wilson in the process. The O' Connells and Lin failed to subdue him.

800px-Mummy 3 - Browning

Choi manning the Browning M1919 .30 Cal.

She appears during the climatic battle between the (good) undead Ming Guo's army and the evil Emperor's terracotta warriors backed by the rogue KMT troops. She is seen commandeering an M1919 Browning .30 cal machine gun at the back of a U.S.-leased Willy's Jeep driven by Yang, shooting at the C-47 Skytrain that Jonathan and his pilot were in to provide close-air support. Jonathan then drops a direct hit on the Jeep using a bomb, where they are thought to be killed.

"The Mummy Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor-Battle Scene" HD 1080p

"The Mummy Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor-Battle Scene" HD 1080p

Final moments at 7:09-7:40.

It was later revealed that she and Yang survived the bomb, albeit wounded, burned, and clothes damaged. They both engage Eve and Lin to a hand-to-hand combat. When Yang gets crushed in a cogged wheel, she tries to grab his hand, only to be dragged on and crushed along with her general. Eve and Lin look at disgust to their deaths, obviously disturbed by the fact on how fanatically loyal she was to Yang.

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