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Chloe (Kristal Tin) is the main antagonist in the 2006 Chinese comedy film "Superkid", which was known as "Chao ban bao bao" in Catonese.  Kristal is also known as Crystal Tin Yui-Lei.

Chloe is the CEO of Super Baby, a miracle children's food company.  She is attempting to distribute her genetically engineered baby food that is not FDA approved.  Despite plenty of protests over the chemically-enhanced food, Chloe wants to make a deal with a US corporation to get Super Baby distributed in Walmarts worldwide.

In the Super Baby headquarters, Chloe shoots several children with the formula with a hypodermic needle in an assembly style manner.  This good allows the kids to develop higher IQ's, but alos makes the kids suffer from mania.  She also uses needles to help dispose of any "faulty" kids.

Si Zhe (Daichi Harashima) is a kid who has been transformed into a super genius kid by taking the baby food over time.  He decides to take a break from being a super genius and escapes the Super Baby headquarters.  The formula has made Si Zhe allergic to people's touch.  By not taking the formula, Si Zhe could turn sickly and die.

Chloe and her goons track Si Zhe down and bring him back to the headquarters.  Chaos ensues and Chloe gets humiliated.  She is first bitten in the butt by an expiremental lab animal.  Then while chasing after Si Zhe, she is stretched over the floor and dropped crashing to the floor, which gives her a bloody nose.  She then runs after two children up a flight of stairs.  However, more kids shoot her with fluid filled syringes.  She is then kicked down the stairs landing at the bottom.  Then a giant lab tomato is dropped onto her head.  The Authorities surround Chloe and take her away.

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