The evil Chloe

Chloe (Kristen Bell) is a villainess from the 2011 film Scream 4. She appeared as the main villainess of Stab 7, which was being viewed by Jenny Randell and Marnie Cooper in Scream 4's opening.

After watching the opening of Stab 6 with her best friend Rachel, Chloe expressed an interest and admiration for the Stab series while Rachel criticized them for being unoriginal and predictable. To counter Rachel's arguments, Chloe said that Stab was scarier due to being more "real" than other horror films.

Suddenly, as Rachel admonished the series for being easily predictable, Chloe pulled out a knife and stabbed Rachel in the stomach, asking Rachel if that surprised her and cementing herself as a crazed villainess. When Rachel asked why she'd done it, Chloe simply said that she talked too much before stabbing her again, angrily growling at her to "shut the fuck up and watch the movie". As Rachel died of her wounds, the evil Chloe simply turned back to the TV to continue watching the movie, still clutching the bloody knife in her hand. The rest of the movie was not shown, leaving Chloe's fate unseen.


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STAB 7 - Scream 4

STAB 7 - Scream 4

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