The evil Chit-Chat Demon

The unnamed Chit-Chat Demon (Maura Stephens) is the villainess of the 15-second horror film, ChatGurl (released in 2016). The film opened with a young woman (also played by Stephens) going onto a Chatroulette-esque website called Chit-Chat and beginning the search for someone to talk to.

After connecting with someone, however, the brunette was unnerved to see a young woman simply standing in a dark room, her mouth open and twitching slightly. As she continued to look at the strange person, however, her laptop was suddenly slammed shut, revealing that the young woman was actually a demonic creature who had somehow transported into her room as a result of contacting her on Chit-Chat. The film ends with the demon glaring at the woman, presumably killing her off-screen.

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