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China Sue (Monica Soares) is the henchwoman in the 2001 film, "Sunstorm".

China Sue is an evil henchwoman for Packard Walsh (Michael Manasseri). We first see China change out of her leopard print strapped top and slip on an all black full body suit and head up to the roof of a building with a rifle. She and her team engage in a gunfight with the Gen. John Parker (Stacy Keach), and we see her kill one of his men.

Next we see her having lunch at a restaurant in Haiti with Walsh, and she is wearing the leopard print outfit again, rolling her eyes smugly. They make plans to find Parker's daughter, Kelly Parker (Elena Lyons) and her 4 sisters, believing they know where 2 million U.S. dollars were buried in the 1980s. The money was buried in the jungle of Puerto Rico to in order to pay off a possible nuclear war that there was a possibility of breaking out. In the story, Gen. Parker in a video, informs his daughter Kelly, that she has 4 other sisters that she was unaware of, and to round them up.

China and Walsh soon check into a hotel there in Puerto Rico, looking for Liana Kincaid (Margaret Scarborough) one of the other sisters.

Later that day we see Walsh and his team open fire upon the girls and they kidnap them. China sits coolly in the back. They tie up several of the girls to a large gears in a watchtower.

Prior to making their get away, China takes the youngest daughter hostage, and is told by Walsh to get rid of her by tossing her in the sea from the large fortress. On the way up the ramparts, she is confronted by ?. China takes him out by throwing a knife into his lower back.

Villainess (Злодейка) -40

Villainess (Злодейка) -40

Continuing on up the fortress, she is met by Kelly, who engages in a fight with the villainess. The two have an even fight, until Kelly is able to pull her down by her short black hair. China is able to escape, only to be knocked out by a blow to the head from Kelly's knee, and a final head over heals flip that puts her down for the count. The fate of China is inconclusive, but is assumed that she was arrested by the many detectives swarming the scene.


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