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Chichideka (Honoka Ishibashi) is the main antagonist in the 2009 episode “Youkai Big Breasts Appears (Episode 2) for the Japanese comedy TV series “The Ancient Dogoo Girl”. Chichideka is also referred to as Youkai Big Boos, and her undercover name is Sakumi Manakata, the substitute teacher.


Chichideka is a Youkai monster, who first appears in the episode disguised as a substitute science teacher named Sakumi Munakata. She is wearing a white blouse with a black skirt and high heels. She wears her redish brown hair pinned up. She introduces herself to the principal at the school. The principal has just confiscated a magazine from one of the male students, that shows big breasted girls in it. The principal has gone off to look at the material for himself. Miss Munakata notices that the principal is just as obsessed with breasts as the boy he confiscated the magazine from. As a result, she seduces him with her own cleavage. She then presses up against him, and some fate befalls him as he screams as the cameras focus cuts away.


Next we see Miss Munakata arrive at the classroom of the school. The boys are immediately obsessed with her ample cleavage. Her lesson happens to be on breasts. One of the boys asks her how big her cup size is, and she informs him that she is an "H" cup.

Dogu-chan is not impressed with Miss Munakata, and immediately senses that Miss Munakata is a Youkai monster. Dogu-chan (Erika Yazawa) is an ancient youkai hunter from the Jomon period. She had been awakened in the first episode of the series by Makoto Sugihara (Masataka Kubota), who finds her breastplate buried in the woods. When he places his palm on the breast plate, Dogu-chan awakens and makes Makoto help him with her fighting the Yokai.

Dogu-chan tells Miss Munkata that she knows she is a Youkai, and she immediately becomes defensive. Dogu-chan tears off her school uniform revealing her Youkai fighting outfit. She challenges the teacher to a fight, but is left defenseless when she is unable to transform into Dogoo Girl. This is due to her dogu assistant Dokigoro, being unable to transform her into her magic armor.


Miss Munakata pulls a sticky nipple out of her blouse and throws it at Dogu-chan. The nipple attaches to Dogu-chan's forehead, and it incapacitates her. Dogu-chan and Makoto are taken away by security guards.


Shintaro Kadoma (Tokio Emoto), Makoto's boyhood friend is next seen confronting Miss Munakata in her science lab to convince her to release his friends. Miss Munakata begins to seduce Shintaro, and she eventually reveals that she is a Youkai Chichideka in the form of a queen bee. Her breasts appear to be made out of vinyl playground balls. The globes have alternating black and yellow rings on them. They have stingers in the form of long needles that come out of the breasts when she attacks. 


Chichideka tells Shintaro that if he likes “big breasts so much you should grow a pair of your own”. She stabs Shintaro with her stingers. Shintaro is able to escape, but he soon begins to develop breasts of his own.

The principal that Miss Munakata stung at the beginning of the episode shows up, and he too has developed breasts. He begins to float up in the air. Soon there is a whole army of boob zombies that Chichideka has infected, and they all begin to float in the air. Some of the zombies begin to explode as they go higher and higher in the air, and Chichideka seems to enjoy their fate. She has now tossed off her white lab coat and is revealing her true form and costume, which consists of a matching black and yellow nipple helmet with pointy spear, along with a giant abdomen that looks like a skirt and has a stinger on the backside. She is also wearing black opera gloves, black boots that ran just below her knees, and black fishnet stockings.


As she watches the men explode, she makes the comment, “Men sure are having a hard time…”. She enjoys watching them explode, and laughs at their misfortune.

Dogu-Chan and the remaining students confront Chichideka. Dokigoro, the dogu assistant, scans his memory banks and finds that Chichideka is the Big-Boobs Youkai. His data reveals that she was born from the union of a queen bee and the resentment of all the women who’ve been harassed because of their generous busts doki.

Chichideka warns Dogu-chan that this time she will make her sleep for eternity. After this warning, she leans over and a bolt of electricity shoots out of the metal antenna on the top of her head and shoots at Shintaro. As a result, Shintaro’s breasts begin to grow larger and he begins to float up in the air, as his friends try to hold onto his legs and keep him from going higher.


Dogu-chan has had enough, and she has Dokigoro transform her into Dogoo Girl with her protective armor. She chases Chichideka into the school and the battle with ensues. Dogoo Girl begins a sword fight with Chichideka's metal nipple knives. It seems to be an intense fight, as both seem like capable foes. Chichideka is able to use her tandem metal spears to combat Dogoo Girl’s sword. She controls them by grabbing her breasts with her hands and then turning her body.


As the fight continues, Dogu-chan attempts to strike Chichideka with her sword with a huge downward thrust. However, Chichideka traps the blade between her massive cleavage and then flings the sword across the room.


Dogu-chan is able to break away and Chichideka begins firing needle bullets out of her giant breasts. Dogu-chan is able to dodge the bullets and hide behind a wall. After regaining her sword, Dogoo comes face to face with Chichideka. This time the queen bee begins firing more sticky nipples that come out of her giant orbs. The nipples attach to her face and legs, much like the previous encounter. It appears that Dogoo Girl has met her match, as she slumps down on the ground incapacitated. 


However, instead of taking the opportunity to take her foe out, Chichideka uses the time to lecture Dogoo. She tells her that “Nowadays, big breasts are some kind of big deal. But in the past, busty women were looked down on. Those selfish men are unforgivable. Anyone who stands against me will die in the sky!”. This refers to how the men she infects develop boobs, float up in the air, and then blow up. She plans to get revenge on anyone who is obsessed with large breasts.


Chichideka approaches with her needle stingers, and is about to stab Dogoo Girl who is still lying on the ground. However, she is able to battle past the incapacitation. Dogoo chants “Doki-Doki Wave!”, which causes her breast plate armor covering her breasts to flip open, begin spinning and then brightly glow.


Chichideka is momentarily mesmerized by the glowing breasts and is surprised when Dogoo Girl grabs her. Dogoo Girl places her body in the middle of Chichideka’s globes, avoiding the deadly stingers, and gives her a death hug. There is nothing Chichideka can do to get out of the death squeeze, and the glowing becomes even more intensified. The queen bee gets a shock of impending doom on her face, and makes her last comment, that she regrets “to lose against you…”. The squeeze continues, and Chichideka’s body begins to lose consciousness and her head leans backward. She moans with her last breathe, and then she implodes. All that remains of Chichideka are some small round glowing energy balls that float in the air momentarily, and then are absorbed by the breast plates of Dogoo Girl’s armor. Dogoo’s boobs grow larger from the absorbing of Chichideka’s energy, and then steam is released. It appears that each time Dogoo Girl defeats another Youkai, her chest gets larger. A satisfied Dogoo Girl sighs, “Ah, my chest is full”, and then pats her breast plates and grins ear to ear.

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  • Honoka Ishibashi appeared as Violet Kimura in the 2008 film "The Machine Girl".
  • Honoka Ishibashi appeared as Malshina in 23 episodes of the 2012-2013 Japanese action/comedy TV series "Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger".

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