The traitorous Chica

Chica (Mayra Leal) is an unnamed minor villainess from the 2010 movie Machete.

She appears in the movie's opening scene, she is a 22 year old kidnap victim that the movie's hero Machete is trying to rescue. She has been taken by the movie's main villain Rogelio Torrez because she can supposedly testify against him.

Machete finds her in a house, she is completely naked. He carries her downstairs but she manages to get a hold of his machete and stabs him with it and then kicks him in the face as he lies on the floor bleeding out. It's revealed that she was working for Torrez and her kidnapping had been a trap to bring Machete to Torrez. She calls Torrez and tells him she has Machete.

Torrez arrives, she asks him how she did, Torrez says she did well, and then she is killed with a shot to the head by another of Torrez' henchwomen.


  • Mayra Leal also played psycho seductress Blair in the 2011 thriller Playing House (a.k.a. Homewrecker).


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