Cheshire, real name Jade Nguyen is a recurring antagonist on Young Justice.

She is a highly-skilled assassin working for the League of Shadows. She is the daughter of Sportsmaster and Huntress, and the older sister of Artemis Crock.

This lady has a true killer's instinct and is willing to go to any means necessary to accomplish her goals, whether it be through attacks, murder, or blackmail. She has a dry sense of humor, and treats her opponents like a cat would treat a mouse, allowing herself to be involved in playful banter to a small extent. She actually enjoys the prospect of killing, but she is not without her own sense of duty, following the orders of her masters to the letter, despite how easy it would be for her to ignore them.

Despite this, Cheshire might have a deep crush on Red Arrow, when she kissed him in Louisiana and in season 2, helped him find the original Red Arrow when the one she married was a clone.

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