Cover of "Who Killed the Homecoming Queen?"

Cherise Colby is the villainess of "Who Killed the Homecoming Queen?", book #48 of R.L. Stine's original Fear Street series (published on September 1, 1997). She was a student at Shadyside High and was secretly dating quarterback Bishop, who was the boyfriend of popular student Tania Darman. But unbeknownst to Cherise, Sandy and student filmmaker Keith Hicks were conspiring for Keith's latest movie, which consisted of Sandy pretending to be interested in Cherise only to reveal to he wasn't attracted to her at all.

When Cherise uncovered Sandy's true intentions, she became vengeful and decided to go after Sandy and all his friends, believing them all to have been in on Sandy and Keith's cruel prank. She first went after Sandy, stabbing him to death at school and storing his body in the locker of protagonist Eva. Eva and her friends began to suspect that Sandy's killer was also the one responsible for Tania's disappearance, but this was proven false when Tania reappeared, having run away and made threatening phone calls to Eva to get back at them for not telling her about Sandy's unfaithfulness.

Cherise was revealed as Sandy's killer when Eva got one of her psychic feelings, which told her that Cherise was in danger. The gang rushed to her house, where they found Cherise screaming and pointing a knife at Jeremy, Tania's stepbrother. At that moment, Cherise confessed to killing Sandy for his and Keith's prank and proclaimed that she would kill the rest of them as well. The gang was able to disarm Cherise as she attempted to attack, and the smug villainess afterwards proclaimed that they had no proof she murdered Sandy and she would thus get away with it. But Keith at that moment revealed that he had secretly recorded Cherise's confession (though the ending revealed that the tape jammed). After Cherise once again tried to attack Keith, Cherise was arrested and taken away by the police.

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