Charvi Vikram

The evil Charvi Vikram

Charvi Vikram (Marjan Neshat) is the hidden villainess of "Honor", episode 1.04 of New Amsterdam (airdate March 17, 2008). She was the daughter of Samar Vikram and had two sisters, Amartya and Maya. Samar was very devout to Indian tradition, and some years prior to the episode, murdered Maya in an "honor" killing. Soon after, Charvi and Amartya moved to New York, with Amartya getting work as a fashion designer and Charvi opening her own shop.

During the episode, Amartya was attacked by serial rapist Phillip Long. As Amartya was questioned by detectives John Amsterdam and Eva Marquez in the hospital, Charvi arrived and comforted her sister--but fiercely told the detectives that her rape was a "family matter" and that Amartya wouldn't be filing charges.

Later on, though, Amartya began cooperating with the police and identified Long as her rapist in a lineup. Soon after, a technicality resulted in Long being released and Amartya's name being released to the press. When John went to talk with Amartya at work, Charvi viciously accused John of being responsible for Amartya's assault being publicized and refused his offer to give her sister police protection, saying that she would take care of her. But after that, the evil Charvi took Amartya to an isolated field, where their father stabbed her to death for (in his mind) bringing dishonor on their family.

John later learned that Amartya had been engaged to Ben Robbins, a photographer she worked with, and her family disapproved of him for being American and Jewish. This, as well as learning from a newspaper article about Maya's murder, led John to realize that Amartya had been killed by her father, not Long. John confronted Charvi at her store about the information he'd learned, and also pointed out that a knife in a display case that resembled the one most likely used to kill Amartya. Before John walked out, Charvi tried to claim that John couldn't understand, which he countered by saying that Amartya deserved more from Charvi after bringing her to New York and helping her. Samar was later interrogated and arrested after he confessed to killing his daughter, and it was revealed that Charvi would also be arrested as a co-conspirator.

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