Charlotte Sometimes

Charlotte Sometimes as a vengeful villainess

Charlotte Sometimes is a pop singer who appears as the villainess of her music video, How I Could Just Kill A Man (released in 2008). The video began with Charlotte receiving a kiss on the hand from her lover (represented by a red cutout) before he leaves their house.

Shortly afterwards, however, Charlotte discovered that her lover was cheating on her when she looked at one of his shirts, which had lipstick marks on the sleeve. She then looked out the window and saw the man kissing another woman, officially revealing him as an adulterer. Enraged, Charlotte set up a trap to kill her lover, tying a bundle of bricks over the door to fall on him when he returned home.

The video then showed Charlotte bidding goodbye to another lover (this time, presumably her husband) as she sits in the kitchen, snatching a black card from his back pocket as she hugs him. After seeing the card had a note from her husband's mistress asking him to meet her before work, Charlotte killed him as well by baking him poisoned apples and pie to eat after work. Her third and final act had Charlotte tailing another beau and his lover to a hotel, where they were presumably planning to have sex. But as the two got onto the elevator and began kissing, the cords snapped and presumably sent the illicit couple plummeting to their deaths. One of the final shots of the video had Charlotte lying a pair of clippers on her passenger car seat alongside photographs she'd taken of her boyfriend and mistress, revealing that she was responsible for their deaths.

Videos Edit

Charlotte Sometimes - How I Could Just Kill A Man

Charlotte Sometimes - How I Could Just Kill A Man

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