Charlotte 1 Charlotte
(Anna Travers) is the villainous protagonist of the 1971 film "Charlotte".

Bored with her humdrum life, Charlotte begins seeking some thrills. Waking up next to her boyfriend in bed, an idea hits her. She gets up and retrieves a pair of scissors from the dresser, she attempts to castrate him. The boyfriend wakes up just before he notices, and the two make love. Upon climaxing, Charlotte reaches for the scissors again, only this time she is caught. Angered, the boyfriend storms out and tells her to get him a shirt, as he's already running late for work. When he returns, however, he finds Charlotte using the scissors to cut slits all over the shirt. The last straw, he kicks her out; unbeknownst that she has taken a handgun from the closet with her.

Charlotte 4 Charlotte
Walking along the road, a man and woman driving by decided to pick Charlotte up. However, it is not long before she turns her weapon on them. In a secluded spot she has the woman tie the man up, she then starts kissing him and works her way down his body playfully. Things seem to be going well for the man until she grabs his balls and squeezes hard on them, causing him to cry out in pain, much to her delight. After she's had her fun with the man she makes her way over to the woman and molests her, she pulls her top down and fondles the woman's breasts. After this she orders them both to strip and forces the man to rape the woman to the point of near exhaustion. After, Charlotte makes the man service her, however, he catches her off guard and tries to wrestle the weapon out of her hands. Charlotte accidentally shoots the woman dead during the struggle. Enraged that his mealticket to a rich lifestyle is gone, the man then rapes Charlotte. However, before he can kill her, he is shot dead by a stranger who witnesses the attack. The film ends with Charlotte cleaning herself up in a nearby fountain, leaving her fate ambiguous.
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