Charity Julius

Greedy conspirator/murderer Charity Julius

Charity Julius (Stephanie Bennett) is the hidden tertiary villainess of the 2016 Hallmark film The Julius House: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery, the fourth film of the Aurora Teagarden series (airdate October 16, 2016). She is the only daughter of Hope and T.C. Julius, and she was long believed to have been dead along with her parents since four years before the film's events.

In actuality, Charity's parents were both killed by her boyfriend Harley Dimmoch (the film's hidden secondary antagonist), who T.C. disapproved of. He fatally hit T.C. over his head with a hammer during an argument, and did the same to Hope out of panic when she tried to find out what they were yelling about. After that, Charity and Harley colluded with the former's maternal great-aunt to murder Charity's grandmother, Melba Totino, as part of their plan to inherit and then split the Julius family fortune amongst themselves. After Melba was killed by Charity, both she and Harley went into hiding at his house in Vancouver, Washington.

The discovery of the corpses' three skeletons in the Julius house's attic was followed by Aurora Teagarden and her boyfriend Martin Bartell tracked Harley after learning of his involvement. While Martin continued tracking Harley, Aurora knocked on the door of his house (where he briefly stopped) and saw Charity inside. Opening the door, she attempted to deny her identity, but when Aurora continued to persist, the villainess assaulted her and locked her in Harley's closet, which confirmed her collusion. She phoned her boyfriend about what what had happened, with the latter returning to his girlfriend's house and arming himself with a gun, intending to kill Aurora since he had been ordered to do so by the aforementioned great-aunt.

However, after Charity opened the closet's door, she ended up being subdued by Aurora, and shortly afterwards, Martin entered the house and took Harley down—temporarily rendering him unconscious. The conspirator then admitted to almost everything, denying that she put him up to murdering her parents. It was also uncovered that Charity wore her mother's wig right after the murders were perpetrated and mopped the floor of the Julius house's kitchen before living with Harley in order to make it appear that she disappeared. This was followed by the diabolical couple being arrested for their crimes.

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