Evil assassin Chameleon

Chameleon (Inna Korobkina) is the main villainess of "The Camera's Eye", episode 1.12 of Angela's Eyes (airdate October 8, 2006). She was an elusive assassin only known by her nickname, given to her due to her masterful ability to disguise herself.

During the events of the episode, Chameleon's latest target was artist Gus Walker, who had learned of her latest assignment and had created a portrait subtly exposing her. After staking out Gus's art gallery, Chameleon threatened him into stealing his own collection from the gallery in order to get her hands on the painting. Once she had it, the villainess killed Gus with a bullet to the head.

Chameleon's role in the art theft and Gus's murder was discovered by FBI agent Dozer, who discovered the Chameleon's image hidden in Gus's painting. Agent Angela Henson also discovered the assassin in security footage from the gallery, having disguised herself to talk with Gus. The team then realized that Chameleon was staking out the Grand Prince Hotel, as she was planning to murder former political prisoner Joseph Dellaman, who was staying at the hotel while he was in New York to make a speech at a human rights rally.

Later on, as Angela came to realize that Chameleon was planning to use her disguise abilities to kill Dellaman, the assassin went about disguising herself as his sole female bodyguard Laura (having previously obtained a photograph of her). Afterwards, the evil Chameleon cornered the real Laura in the hotel elevator as she was going to meet Dellaman at his car, shooting her to death once the doors were closed and disposing of her body. Just as Dellaman was getting into his vehicle and recognized Chameleon wasn't Laura, Angela arrived and shoved Dellaman into his car to protect him. At that, the Chameleon pulled out her gun and was preparing to fire when she was subdued by Angela's partner Leo Jenkins, who shot her in the shoulder. The Chameleon survived and was presumably placed under arrest.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to Angela's Eyes being cancelled, Chameleon serves as one of the series' final villainesses.


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