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Chacole is a secondary antagonist in the third book of the fantasy series ‘The Tamuli’, the sequel to the best-selling book series ‘THe Elenium’. She is the Cynesgan wife of the Enperor Sarabian (one of his 9 wives) and the sister of King Jaluah of Cynesga. Chacole and her minion, the Empress Torellia, plot to kill the Emperor Sarabian, getting orders from their home countries. Chacole is described as a ripe-figured brunette in her mid-thirties.

Chacole is first seen with Torellia, the barebreasted Empress Elysoun (pretending to go along with the plan) and the ugly Empress Gahennas. Chacole says that she is doing something she would rather not be seen doing and Elysoun pokes fun at her by saying that it is a new lover. She also causes Gahennas to flee by saying that she is committing adultery with her luscious new page boy.

Chacole later tries to get Gahennas involved in her scheme (unwittingly) by saying that they will pretend that there is an assassination plot and get the Empress Cieronna involved. Then they will tell Sarabian and humiliat Cieronna. Gahennas believes that there is something suspicious going on and refuses to join in. Chacole is desperate because there isn’t much time.

She and Torellia later send assassins after Gahennas, but she is rescued by Elysoun and Empress Liatris. Later, they also send assassins after Sarabian, but he and the three wives viciously kill them all.

It is presumed they are imprisoned but it is unknown what actually happens to them.