Celeste Masters

Villainous addict Celeste Masters

Celeste Masters is a villainess from "Flatline", case #7 of Criminal Case: The Conspiracy, the 5th season of the crime solving game Criminal Case (release date March 1, 2018). She was a patient of Dr. Greg Gibbs, the murder victim of the case, and was questioned in regards to his death after a recent message from her was found on the doctor's pager, urgently asking to see him.

When questioned by the player and Gloria Hayes, Celeste revealed that her daughter Jennifer was a patient of Gibbs', her having had an unspecified illness for a long time. Celeste began distraught upon being told about Greg's murder, claiming that she'd been desperate to contact Gibbs due to Jennifer's condition worsening and venting about her struggles to care for her. Later on, though, a tampered box of morphine was found in Gibbs' office, with the saliva found on it proving that it was Celeste who had attempted to steal morphine from the doctor.

While Gloria initially believed Celeste was trying to steal the morphine for her daughter's medical care, her and player's questioning of Celeste regarding her actions revealed the truth: Celeste was a morphine addict, and had attempted to steal from Dr. Gibbs to feed her addiction. Celeste also revealed the whole truth regarding Jennifer's medical history: she had undergone a series of operations the previous year, and was prescribed morphine by Gibbs to relieve the pain. When Jennifer recovered and Celeste saw she had some morphine left over, she resorted to using the drugs herself as a result of the stress she had been put under as a result of her daughter's ailment. After angrily revealing that Gibbs had refused to prescribe her more morphine, Celeste was placed under arrest for breaking and entering, though Gloria's suspicion that Celeste was driven to kill Gibbs due to her addiction was proven wrong.


  • "Fine, I admit it! I tried to steal that medicine for myself. I'm addicted to morphine! (Gloria: "So everything you said about your daughter needing treatment was just lies?") Not everything. Last year, Jennifer underwent a series of operations, so Dr. Gibbs prescribed her morphine to relieve the pain. After she recovered, some of the morphine was left. My life had been turned upside down by her illness, so I...started to take the drugs. Before I knew it, I was hooked! Once it ran out, I went crazy. My electronic cigarettes did nothing, and my left hand was so jittery I couldn't even write my own name! I pleaded with Dr. Gibbs to prescribe me more, but he refused!" (Celeste confessing to her morphine addiction and her reason for trying to steal from Dr. Greg Gibbs)


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