Malicious bully Cece

Cece was a villainess from "Bad Blood", a CryptTV Extended Universe short film released as part of their Mira Mira series (release date April 8, 2019). She, along with her boyfriend Jake, were relentless bullies against the short film's main protagonist, Patty, whose face had been left partially disfigured from a fire.

The villainous couple's continuous harassment was centered around Patty's disfigurement, dubbing her the cruel nickname "Prune Face Patty". The film opened with Patty fleeing through the woods as Cece and Jake pursued her, eventually taking refuge in a cabin belonging to an unnamed elderly man. The man was ultimately revealed to be the main protagonist  from the preceding films in the series, having encountered the series' titular villainess as a child due to being teased for his embarassing birthmark.

Jake and Cece ultimately broke into the cabin, with Cece holding Patty down as Jake prepared to attack her with his knife. The elderly man attempted to intervene, only to be mortally stabbed and gutted by Jake. Afterwards, the evil Cece forced Patty to look at her reflection in a compact mirror, while taunting her with her and Jake's plans to mutilate her face to "make her pretty". But before the pair could go through with their malicious plan, the man (still clinging to life) pulled back the sheet from a vanity mirror, allowing Mira to escape from the mirror and killed Jake by devouring him alive. In response, Cece broke the mirror, boasting to Mira that she wouldn't be able to escape now. But at that, Mira allowed for the faceless figures that resided in her mirror world to reach out from the scattered shards and grab Cece, fatally ripping the cruel villainess to pieces as they dragged her into their realm.


MIRA MIRA "New Blood" Crypt TV Extended Universe Creepypasta

MIRA MIRA "New Blood" Crypt TV Extended Universe Creepypasta

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