Catwoman (Lee Meriwether)
, was an arch-nemesis of Batman in the 1966 movie Batman, also known as Batman: The Movie. The movie was based off the 1960's Batman TV series, with Lee Meriwether staring in her only apperance as Catwoman.

Catwoman teams up with three other supervillains- Riddler, Penguin, and Joker. Together they form the "United Underworld." Their aim is to defeat Batman and Robin and take over the world. They begin by kidnapping Commodore Scmidlapp and stealing his invention- a machine that can dehydrate any object. The villains plan to use it to dehydrate the United World Security Council and hold them for ransom. But first, they need to make sure Batman isnt around to thwart their plans...

Catwoman is pure evil in this movie and shows no hesitation in trying to have Batman and Robin killed. She celebrates enthusiastically when she thinks they are dead and tries to escape at the end before she is captured after stumbling and knocking herself out!


  • Lee Meriwether also played murderess Leslie Hunter from Murder, She Wrote.
  • The Batman Movie was planned to be shown before the start of the series.


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