Catherine Vuitton is one of the main antagonists of Brave Express Might Gaine. She is 29 years old with eternal and absolute beauty. She appears in numerous episodes throughout the show. She is a vain, power-hungry, greedy and beautiful criminal who will stop at nothing to get what she wants, which is usually jewelry or money. In episode 29 she builds a mega ice castle just so she could beat the heat, which of course comes at the expense of innocent people. In episode 18 she destroys most of the forest just so she could dig up an animal that is needed for her potion which will make her face pretty forever. In episode 12 she tries to get Ring of Saros but she cannot, because it is not just a ring but a solar eclipse. She is only interested in beauty she can own, and disappointed to know it is just  natural phenomena. In episode 8 she tries to destroy a whole company (Natto) just because she slipped on their food accidentally. In episode 4 she uses robot rats to rob jewelry stores so she can try and steal all the jewelry in the world. She is very mean to her staff whenever she feels like she hasn't gotten her way. She is usually wearing a tight black dress with red gloves, and gold jewels around her body. She lives in a big castle and has a lot of people called Cat Girls working for her .

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