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Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) is a villainess from the 1992 film Basic Instinct and the 2005 sequel Basic Instinct 2.

In Basic Instinct, Catherine Tramell was born in 1960. In Basic Instinct 2, the year appears to be retconned to 1968, as the film's official website in 2006 gave her age as 38.

Her parents were killed in a boating accident in 1979, leaving her with an inheritance of $110 million. The death parallels one of her novels, The First Time, written years later, in which a boy kills his parents to see "if he could get away with it". It's implied she herself caused the accident,

She double-majored in psychology and literature at UC, Berkeley, graduating magna cum laude in 1983. During her college years, her counsellor Prof. Noah Goldstein was murdered with an ice pick, supposedly giving Catherine the idea for her later novel, Love Hurts. At the time, she also had a one-time sexual encounter with fellow psychology student Lisa Hoberman (later renamed Elizabeth Garner).

She was engaged to a middleweight boxer named Manuel "Manny" Vásquez, who was killed in 1984 during a prizefight in Atlantic City. Openly bisexual, she has many short-lived, empty affairs with people of both sexes, ending when she discards and kills them.

She published best-selling crime novels. It is suggested that the modus operandi of her murders includes using her novels as alibis. She also makes a habit of befriending murderers, including Hazel Dobkins, an elderly woman who stabbed her husband and their children to death for no apparent reason, and Roxanne 'Roxy' Hardy (Leilani Sarelle), her lesbian lover, who killed her two younger brothers with a razor as a teenager.


  • Sharon Stone appeared as Dedre Dupres/Diane Dupres in the 1984 two-part episode "Echoes of the Mind" for the TV series "Magnum P.I.".
  • Sharon Stone appeared as Julie Eland in the 1984 episode "Shots in the Dark" for the TV series "Mike Hammer".
  • Sharon Stone appeared as Lori Quaid in the 1990 film "Total Recall".
  • Sharon Stone appeared as Laurel Hedare in the 2004 film "Catwoman".


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