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IMPORTANT: This category and the characters who qualify for it can only be attached to blog posts.

No matter how heinous her actions,the creators (or adaptationers) have taken it upon themselves to give her an explanation; one that is almost certainly rife with tragedy. At some point in this character's past, a significant occurance happened; perhaps big, perhaps small. Whichever the case, it changed this person; steering her off the path of good.

Where the line is drawn for the EvilBabes Wiki. A villainess must be given a Freudian Excuse tag if it is revealed that:

1. She was abused (especially sexually) or neglected as a child. 

2. Someone very close to the individual was killed.

3. Her actions are due to forces beyond her control (mind control, unwillingly bitten by a werewolf or vampire*).

4. She has a narrow-sighted perspective of a "noble" (and often, jingoistic) cause. (Example: She's a soldier serving a mad dictator who is bent on world domination, but is doing it because she loves her homeland so much).

However, she does not need FE status if her motive had to do with elitism or entitlement. Such examples including not able to win the lover she desired, being rejected from a school, etc. These actions are a bit more on the petty side and are enough to keep her on normal pages, though they do most definitely still exclude her from Freud Buster status.

*Note 1: If a character is already a werewolf/vampire at the start of the story and there is no effort made to portray them as sympathetic characters, then they do not need this tag.

Note 2: that this tag should also not be confused with Opportunistic Corruptionwhere the character turns evil not via tragedy, but rather whim.

The Not So Bad After All tag must always be added along with this one.

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