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Ruth by Metal Warrior

When a villainess is heinous*, does not show remorse or redeem herself, and the plot does not give her a Freudian Excuse, she qualifies as a "Freud Buster".

This character was not abused or molested as a child. She did not witness her favorite petting getting killed right before her eyes. Her country/people were not attacked or invaded. She didn't grow up on the harsh streets, begging for food. She was not raped. Nothing in her backstory is poised to evoke sympathy. Whether a rotten individual, a sadistic killer, a hedonistic sociopath... she simply likes being bad, and is comfortable with the choice she's made. Worst of all, she has left Sigmund Freud completely stumped!

What qualifies as "heinous" is slightly open to interpretation, but at minimum the villainess should:

1. Commit murder, attempt to commit murder or engage in brutally violent torture. Any other qualities (lying, stealing, bullying) are not monstrous enough on their own to be deemed "heinous".

2. Show some level of personal enjoyment in being bad. In other words, she's not doing it just because it's her job. Characters with penchants for Sadism or Chaotic Evil are a good fit.

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