Cataclisma is an evil sorceress with control over nature. Her only appearance was in League of Destruction.

Appearance Edit

She is a woman of average height with brown hair wearing a supervillain outfit with a brown and green color scheme. She wears two wooden branches on her head which resemble antlers and she is always seen carrying a magical wooden staff with a yellow ball of light at the end.

Personality Edit

Cataclisma is a very temperamental supervillain who dislikes it when others dismiss her abilities simply because they are nature-based. Like any villain, she has a very high opinion of herself, and a low opinion of the other villains.

Abilities Edit

Cataclisma is a powerful sorceress whose mastered the arts of weather control, and can summon powerful bursts of wind and blasts of lightning at will. It is also presumed plant control is also within her abilities based on her manner of dress.

She claims to have once taken over Canada and considers it to have been an easy win, replying "Who hasn't?" when Hector stated to have done the same thing.

History Edit

League of Destruction Edit

Cataclisma, along with the rest of the world's major villains was summoned to Bunny Island by Hector Con Carne to become a part of his new villain organization. Upon arriving she was mocked by General Skarr but she quickly put him in place with a lightning bolt. Later when Hector declared himself leader of the group, she and the other villains fought each other over the right to be leader. In the end all the villains knocked each other out.

Trivia Edit

  • She might be a parody of the plant-based villain Poison Ivy.
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