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Cat (Shannon McLeod) is a villainess in the 1994 horror film "Witchcraft VI: The Devil's Mistress".

Cat is the girlfriend and partner of killer Jonathan Renquist (Craig Stepp).  The couple lures virgins back to their house, and Cat then drugs them.

Warlock/attorney William Spanner (Jerry Spicer) is recruited by LAPD Detectives Lutz (Kurt Alan) and Garner (John E. Holiday) to help stop the satanic serial killer who uses black magic to assist in the killings.  

Spanner identifies Savatini as the most likely killer from a lineup of possible suspects, but there is not enough information to hold him.  Renquist takes Spanner's secretary, Diana (Jennifer Bransford), a virgin, for Savatini.  Savatini is Satan's agent who needs to perform a ritual sacrifice during a solar eclipse to bring Satan to Earth.  However, unknown to Spanner, his new client is Cat, who claims her husband Renquist is having an affair.

Cat later returns to Spanner's offiice and rummages through his desk.  When Spanner arrives, she has sex with him on his desk.  She later spikes Spanner's drink.

Spanner arrives at the satanic ritual, and Cat is a participant.  She is just about to inject the virgin with a syringe.  Spanner interupts Cat, and she jumps on top of him.  However, Spanner is able to resist her and stabs her with her own syringe.

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