Cassandra Hard Edge 00

The evil Cassandra

Cassandra (カサンドラ・デュポン) is a villainess from the 1998 Sony Playstation video game Hard Edge (ハードエッジ) aka T.R.A.G: Tactical Rescue Assault Group: Mission Of Mercy.

She is a mercenary working for a terrorist leader who has taken over a large corporate building and taken hostages inside, including the father of one of the protagonists, Professor Howard. The evil woman dresses in a short skirted suit with high heels and is armed with a deadly claw which she enjoys using to kill people. When the player eventually faces her in a boss fight, she switches attires to a dominatrix like outfit that has wings, allowing her to hover around the room.

She is first seen intimidating and threatening a female employee of the building, demanding a system disk that she believes the woman has hidden. The woman claims she doesn't know anything about the disk, so the evil Cassandra slowly extends her claw and slashes the woman to death with it. Cassandra then lets out an evil laugh, showing she thoroughly enjoyed her kill.

She is later seen with the hostage Professor Howard lying in agony at her feet. She demands that the protagonists trade the system disk for the Professor. They agree and the trade is made, however after this the main villain appears and shoots the Professor in the back, injuring him. Some of the heroes take the Professor away to be looked at medically, and the remaining hero must do battle with the evil Cassandra, who switches into her dominatrix attire for the fight.

Cassandra's methods of attack during the boss battle include summoning monsters, creating clones of herself, having tentacles attack from under the floor and firing beams of energy that deflect around the room. She is ultimately killed once the boss fight is won by the hero.


Cassandra is never addressed by any given name during the game itself, meaning some sources just list her as "Woman with Claw". The name Cassandra is listed for her in other official game material though, such as the soundtrack.


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