The evil Cash enjoys her kill

Cash (Devin DeVasquez) is a villainess from the 1990 movie Guns.

She is a former exotic dancer who is now the lover/henchwoman of the movie's main villain Juan Degas. Degas is trying to smuggle some dangerous super powered weapons into America but has federal agents trying to stop him.

Cash has a desire to kill and she tells this to Degas who tells her to wait. Later on she tells him again that she wants to experience the power rush of taking a life, and Degas gives her the chance.

Cash manages to kill two of the heroes, the first being Ace, a female agent who she kills on a boat. She sneaks on board and shoots the agent in the back of the head and smiles at the sight of her kill. Straight afterwards she rigs a small remote control boat with a grenade attached to a beer can and sends it towards another of the heroes who is fishing near by. As he grabs the beer can he activates the grenade and is blown up as Cash watches and laughs.

Her demise comes at the hands of Edy Stark, another agent who happens to know her from their dancing days. Cash is in a towel in a hotel waiting for Degas' arrival, but Edy has tracked her down and shoots her dead with a pistol.


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