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Carrie (キャリー) is a secondary antagonist in the 1994 action crime manga "Mari no Emono Volume 3" (マリーの獲物3 by mangaka 千葉 潔和. She is a professional killer and part of the deadly "Nightmare" trio of siblings.

Carrie is the second sibling to make an attempt on the life of protagonist Mari Kodaka. After the death of Eva, she and Tina manage to locate the flight number that Mari is scheduled to take from Tokyo to Amsterdam. They then arm the plane with a bomb, which explodes soon after taking flight; killing all of the passengers. To Carrie's surprise, she discovers that Mari had gotten cold feet and backed out of flying at the last minute.

In the airport, Carrie toys with Mari a little first, and manages to shoot the heroine's male friend, Kami Yoru. Tina yells at Carrie for wasting so much time, and then throws Mari out of a window. Seeing that Kami is still alive, she moves to finish him off. She is distracted, however, by the heroine's other close friend, Lisa, who aims her gun. This gives Kami just enough opportunity to fire his own weapon at Carrie, killing her.

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