Carolyn Kelly

The evil and greedy Carolyn Kelly

Carolyn Kelly, aka Alice Hatcher/Brenda McConnell (Reiko Aylesworth), is the main villainess from "Prior Bad Acts," episode 3.13 of Bull (airdate February 4, 2019). She is the girlfriend of James Weeks, the wealthy co-owner of Weeks Dynamic.

Carolyn was shown in the beginning of the episode visiting James at work, leading to a tryst between the couple. James began experiencing chest pains and asked Carolyn to give him a nitroglycerin pill. After doing so, Carolyn leaves, and James suddenly dies of a heart attack. James' younger brother, Kevin Weeks, went to TAC looking to file a lawsuit against his brother's cardiologist, believing that he gave James a lethal prescription of nitroglycerin. However, an autopsy revealed that it was a nitroglycerin ointment that killed James, and it was ruled a homicide.

This led to Carolyn being brought in, and Dr. Jason Bull revealed her sordid and murderous past. She was originally known as Alice Hatcher, and she was married to a trucker who was making six figures, but after she filed a $2 million life insurance policy, her husband ended up dead of a drug overdose. Alice changed her name to Brenda McConnell and married a wealthy man, only for him to ended up dead of an insulin overdose. Regarding her name changes, Carolyn stated that she changed her identity to avoid having people pursue her wealth, while dismissing the deaths of her husbands at the first and second worst days of her life, with James as the third.

The episode's climax revealed that James was a third victim of Carolyn, and it was Benny Colón's cross-examination that revealed everything. As it turned out, Carolyn studied finance in college, but she also learned about stock tips and shorting shares, and five days before James' death, the villainess bought 40,000 shares against to company. She killed James to make sure the company plummeted, and having known that James was a germophobe, the evil Carolyn laced his hand sanitizer with nitroglycerin. It was James using the tainted sanitizer that killed him, allowing a lucrative result for Carolyn. When asked about her actions by Benny, Carolyn simply pleaded the fifth, and as revealed by Bull, Carolyn was arrested for James' murder, and she was under investigation for the deaths of her two previous husbands.

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