Caroline Reynolds

The evil Caroline Reynolds

Caroline Reynolds (Patricia Wettig) is the hidden main villainess from Season One of Prison Break.

Season One Edit

Caroline Reynolds first appeared in the series' second episode, "Allen," with her face hidden. She was shown as the person who orders her agents (especially Paul Kellerman) to kill anyone attempting to expose a conspiracy to have Lincoln Burrows executed for the murder of her brother, Terrence Steadman, who is later revealed to be very much alive and hiding out in a secure home in Montana. After three hidden appearances, Caroline made her first full appearance in the end of episode 1.08, "The Old Head," where is it is revealed that she is not only the true evil mastermind behind the framing of Lincoln Burrows, but she is also the Vice President of the United States, who is affiliated with The Company.

Throughout the first season, Caroline aspired to become President, and announced her candidacy. However, in the episode, "The Key," Caroline's numbers decreased, and it was at that point that The Company decided to cut ties with her, much to the villainous VP's dismay. In the season finale, "Flight," the evil Caroline secretly poisoned the President, leading to the villainess being sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.

Season Two Edit

Caroline's only physical appearance in the second season (and her last overall) was in the season's 19th episode, "Sweet Caroline." She was confronted by Michael Scofield, who allowed himself to be captured by The Company in order to blackmail her with evidence linking her to the conspiracy against Lincoln. The evidence was in a recorded tape, which also reveals that she had an incestuous relationship with Terrence. Michael demanded that Caroline publicly pardon Lincoln, which Caroline agrees to. However, after The Company threatens to expose more of her secrets, Caroline reneges on her promise to Michael and announces her resignation from the Presidency, falsely claiming that she has a malignant form of cancer.

Aftermath Edit

It was assumed that Caroline was arrested for her role in the conspiracy, after Kellerman testified to his own role in the second season finale, "Sona."

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