Caroline Pelletier

The villainous Caroline Pelletier

Caroline Pelletier (Estelle Lefébure) is a villainess from "Special Ops: Part 1" and "Special Ops: Part 2", episodes 1.05 and 1.06 of Crossing Lines (airdates July 14 and July 21, 2013). Caroline was the estranged ex-wife of Lev Marianski and the mother of their 19-year-old son, Maxim. During the episode, Maxim was abducted by serial kidnappers Yan and Masha, and over the course of the investigation, Caroline and Lev got into several arguments regarding their parenting styles.

It was after Maxim was left in a freezer with a limited air supply and Yan and Masha were killed by masked gunmen that ICC detective Carl Hickman noticed that the ransom the kidnappers demanded was the exact amount of money that Lev had in his bank account. This served as the reveal that Caroline had been the true mastermind behind her son's disappearance, and Caroline admitted it when confronted by Carl with all the evidence revealing her guilt.

Caroline went on to reveal that she had heard Katya (a counselor at the Italian art school Maxim attended for a summer and a conspirator in Yan and Masha) talking over the phone regarding the kidnapping of student Allesandro Cosanzo, thus learning of her villainous secret. But rather than go to the police, Caroline decided to wait and see how the situation played out, already formulating her evil plot. After Allesandro was released unharmed, Caroline enlisted Katya and her cohorts to kidnap Maxim, threatening to go to the police if they refused.

During her confession, Caroline expressed remorse for the fact her plot had endangered Maxim's life and for the fact that his girlfriend Laure had been killed during the initial abduction, but admitted that she had masterminded the kidnapping to get back at her husband. After Maxim was rescued, Caroline was arrested for her role in his abduction.

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