Carol Rogers

The villainous Carol Rogers

Carol Rogers (Christine Elise) was a minor villainess from "Blood", episode 6.21 of Law & Order: SVU (airdate May 10, 2005). She was the wife of Kevin Rogers, the main villain of the episode, and lived with him and his elderly mother Jenny. Kevin regularly abused his mother, and (according to Jenny) Carol did the same. She also worked as a drug dealer, partnering up with Jake Lumet and keeping her illicit earnings in a separate bank account under her maiden name.

One of Carol and Jake's clients was Samantha Beavens. When she accumulated a large amount of debt, she and Jake attacked her in a club, with Jake sexually assaulting Samantha in the stairwell. Samantha tried to flee to her car, but Jake and Carol went after her, slapping and strip searching her (most likely for money) before fleeing in her car, with Carol cruelly throwing Samantha's infant son Joey out of the vehicle (though he survived thanks to being in his car seat). When detectives Benson and Stabler went to question Jenny, who had sold her medications to Jake to help Kevin financially, Carol acted as a concerned daughter-in-law to mask her true self.

Carol's villainous reveal came when security footage of Samantha's assault showed that her second attacker had a manicure, revealing that the attacker was a woman. Benson and Detective Finn Tutuola confronted Samantha with the footage, eventually getting her to reveal that Carol was the masked assailant. Benson and Stabler went to Carol and Kevin's home to arrest her, only to find that she had been fatally stabbed, having been murdered by Kevin after he learned about the money that she was hiding from him.

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