Carol Latimer is a  villainess/henchwoman who is a member of a gang of robbers.

Appears in - the fantasy crime TV series Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) /aka My partner the ghost (USA title) (UK 1969 - 1970)

Episode - 1:8 Whoever heard of a ghost dying?

First shown in the UK on November the 9th 1969

Played by - Alexandra Bastedo (1946 - 2014)

Appearance -  - a very good looking white woman - in her 20s - slightly above average height - short dark blonde hair

Character - Ruthless, hard.

Weapons - None

Fate - Arrested

Story - Private eye Jeff Randall's murdered partner, Marty Hopkirk, returns from the grave as a ghost to help with cases. Only Jeff and a few psychic people can see or hear Marty.

In this episode a villain called Hellingworth, aided by a crooked psychic named Cecil Purley, learns of Marty's existence and uses the ghost to get Jeff to mislead the police over his robberies. Purley and Hellingworth's moll, Carol Latimer, trick Marty's widow, Jeannie, into agreeing to help "exorcise" her husband's spirit - so Marty will not be around to ever lead the police to the Hellingworth gang. Purley is conducting the exorcism at Marty's grave, accompanied by Carol and Jeannie, when Jeff drives up and warns her she has been tricked. Carol tries to run away, but Jeannie chases her and a brief fight on the ground between the 2 ends with Jeannie besting Carol - however, then a gun packing Hellingworth arrives. He is about to shoot Jeff and Jeannie, but Marty disrupts things - Jeff fights Hellingworth, while Jeannie grabs a once again fleeing Carol and puts her in an arm lock. The police arrive and arrest the gang.

Observations - Carol is a cold blooded villainess, one with no evident redeeming qualities. She takes an active part in the evil proceedings in tricking Jeannie into helping the gang dispose of Marty. She is not bothered at all about Hellingworth being about to murder Jeff and Jeannie in the climax of the story. Twice she attempts to run away when the tables are turned, and in both cases Jeannie, notably smaller, handles  this villainess well.

Notes - The late Alexandra Bastedo played super powered heroine Sharron Macready in the  spy/action TV series The Champions (UK 1968 - 1969).

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