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Carly (Claudette Mink) is a villainess from the 2003 movie Rush Of Fear. Vin, John 'J.J.' Gillis and Carly(Claudette Mink) steal a 50-carat diamond from De Beers and smuggle it trough customs in a cosmetics jar, but the makeup-bag gets lost in Carly's makeup-bag -she didn't know- in the rental Pontiac, which is rented by the time they find out by lawyer Jack McGuire who took his wife Alex along for a bonding weekend, after marital problems, to a coast hotel in Glen Cove. Gillis is shot after kidnapping Jack, the other two crooks demand the bag -through a misunderstanding locked up in hotel custody- as ransom from Alex, who teams up with former manager Sam Bryant, the client her husband was to meet there, while sheriff Lathrop believes they are probably criminals themselves.

Carly gets greedy and ends up shooting and killing Vin,then puts Jack in the trunk of her car calling Alex to come alone to meet at a remote location with the diamond.When Alex arrives she goes over to Carly's car who demands the diamond.Alex refuses at first but Carly races the motor on the car as she is parked by a high cliff with a body of water below.Alex finally consents and shows Carly the huge diamond.Carly smiles with glee but before she can react Alex races to the front of the car and places the diamond on the hood of the car.Carly runs to the front of the car to grab the diamond while Alex races to the drivers seat.Carly pulls out her gun preparing to shoot Alex but before she can Alex rams into Carly knocking her off the cliff to her death.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Claudette Mink also appeared in 2005's Best Friends as villainess Claudia Hartnell and 2009's Web of Desire as the psychotic Finn Conners.
  • In TV, Claudette Mink appeared as an unnamed villainous mother in an episode of The Haunting Hour.
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