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Carlotta aka ‘Fräulein Frieda’ is a secondary villainess in the 2009 French espionnage film parody, OSS 117: Lost in Rio (original title, Rio ne répond plus). She is played by the French actress Reem Kherici.

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“Carlotta”’s first scene is at the airport of Rio de Janeiro, when Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath aka OSS 117 (Jean Dujardin) walks through the terminal after getting off his plane. She pretends to use a public telephone, but hangs up after he passes and follows him. As many other characters act similarly at the same moment, we are left in the dark about Carlotta’s true intentions, or as to whether she is a villainess or an ally of the hero. In this scene, she is wearing a knee-long trench coat and black leather boots with high heels.

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Carlotta makes contact with Hubert at the hotel swimming pool, where she “accidentally” sprays water on him from her wet hair while he is taking a nap. Moments later, they are seen in a hotel room making out, even before introducing themselves (both under a false identity). Carlotta then disappears into the bathroom, allegedly to slip into “something more comfortable” – more comfortable, apparently, than the yellow bikini she is wearing in this scene. Waiting in vain for her to return, Hubert grows suspicious after a while and opens the bathroom door, only to find a water-filled bathtub and an open window, while his love interest has mysteriously disappeared.

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Carlotta reappears much later in the movie, after Hubert and his partner, Mossad agent Dolores Koulechov (Louise Monot), have been captured by a band of exiled Nazis and Mexican wrestlers. She triumphantly appears in a revealing Nazi leather outfit and scornfully announces to OSS 117 that she is not Carlotta but, in fact, “Fräulein Frieda”. It is also suggested that she may be the lover of the main villain, Von Zimmel (Rüdiger Vogler). At any rate, she seems to be a leading member of his group. A gunfight ensues, in which the villainess takes part. Carlotta is then reluctantly led out of the room by Von Zimmel.

Finally, in her last scene, Frieda has taken Dolores hostage and holds her tied up and at gunpoint. Hubert distracts her with meaningless talk and then kicks his gun towards another agent, lying on the ground, who uses it to shoot the evildoer into the stomach. Caught completely by surprise and stunned at the sight of her own blood, Frieda falls to the feet of her hostage without another word and expires instantly. OSS 117 frees Dolores from her restrains and they both leave the scene, leaving the villainess’ dead body behind. For that last scene, Frieda/Carlotta has reverted to trench coat she wore at the beginning of the film.

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