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Carlita Cache (Gabriela Lopez) was the main antagonist in the 2011 film, "Teen Spirit".

Carlita was a member of the popular but mean gang made up of Amber Pollock (Cassie Scerbo), Dakota, and Paisley. Amber was a mean, snobbish and popular high school senior.

After the death of Amber, who is electrified, Carlita inherited the lead of the gang, and tried to be crowned prom queen.

Amber is sent on a mission by an angel named Supervisor J-3 to return to her high school as a ghost and arrange that the school's least popular student Lisa Sommers become Prom Queen. This is in direct opposition to Carlita.

Carlita begins dating Nick Ramsey, Amber's crush. Carlita holds a house party, and Amber and Lisa decide to mess with Carlita's plan by changing the party's date and sending this change in an email from a school computer to everyone's phone at their high school. Everyone shows up at Carlita's house a day early, and Carlita is humiliated when they take pictures of her with zit medicine littering her perfect face.

This ruins Carlita's plans, and they then plan a party at Lisa's house the same night. During the party, Amber gets Lisa up on stage to sing. This attracts the attention of Nick, and the two share a kiss. Nick tells Lisa of his intention to break it off with Carlita.

At the prom, Carlita is angry that she is not crowned queen. Carlita jumps up on stage and tells the crowd dancing that they should not mix popular and non-popular students, that it is against nature. She attempts to stop the music by pulling wires from the stage's control box. She does this in an attempt to thwart Lisa and Aiden from dancing together. As a result, the control box electrocutes Carlita in the process and she dies.

Amber is saved from going to hell and goes to heaven instead since she made things right.


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