Carla Dantini

The evil Carla Dantini

Carla Dantini (Kellie Waymire; 1967-2003) is the secondary villainess from CSI episode 1.21, "Justice Is Served" (airdate April 26, 2001). She is the villainess from the episode's secondary plot, which involved the death of Carla's 6-year-old daughter, Sandy, at a carnival.

It was revealed that Carla had killed her own daughter, doing so while they were on a carnival ride together. She unbuckled Sandy's seatbelt and tossed her into the water, and once Sandy grabbed onto her mother's arm, the evil Carla broke Sandy's arm and held her down underwater, drowning Sandy.

While sex offender Thomas Pickens was initially suspected of killing Sandy, Carla was ultimately revealed as her daughter's killer when Sara Sidle and Catherine Willows determined that Sandy couldn't have been yanked out of her seat belt, thus meaning only the person sitting beside her (Carla) was capable of killing her. Regarding a motive, Catherine stated that Carla felt Sandy was an obstacle; believing that with her gone, she and her boyfriend could live like newlyweds. It was also revealed that Carla committed the murder at a carnival because she could easily claim it as an accident and put the blame on the "dangerous" ride. After Catherine blasted Carla for her actions and the villainess asked for a lawyer, Carla was placed under arrest for Sandy's murder.


  • Kellie Waymire was a protagonist in Fox's short-lived sitcom The Pitts, serving as a villainess in the show's third episode.
  • Carla Dantini shares similarities with another CSI villainess:  Raina Press. Both were single mothers who cruelly believed that their children (daughters in both cases) stood in the way of their relationships, and resorted to murder to get them out of the way. Raina delusionally saw her daughter as a romantic rival, while Carla only saw her daughter as a mere obstacle.
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