Carey Gold

The evil Carey Gold

Carey Gold (Anjali Jay) was a hidden villain from the 3rd season of iZombie. She was a secretary and teacher for Filmore-Graves, a hidden zombie army organization working to create an island--dubbed Zombie Island--where zombies could live in peace before the human population discovered the existence of zombies. She was a confidante for leaders Chase Graves and Vivian Stoll.

Secretly, though, Carey initiated the backup plan conceived by Chase: to set off a biological attack on Seattle to create more zombies. When Filmore-Graves employee Fred Tuttle tried to inform Chase of Carey's deceit, Carey had him killed along with his sister Anna and 11-year-old nephew Wally. She also killed had Vivian eliminated when she resisted Carey's plan, doing so by setting her helicopter up to explode. All the while, Carey allowed for an anti-zombie group to be blamed for the murders.

When CDC Katty Kupps began investigating the zombie virus and learned that Carey's daughter Patrice and Tatum Weckler were zombies, Patrice knocked her out as she tried to flee the Gold household and allowed her mother to kill her later. Afterwards, Carey placed Katty's body outside the hotel Chase was staying at to frame him for her murder. Carey's reveal came when Liv (after eating Katty's brain) had a vision of Carey checking on Katty as she had her trapped in her car trunk, surprised that she was still alive after being attacked by Patrice. As she and Clive went to arrest her, Chase also uncovered Carey's crimes and had her meet him in his office to confront her. After initially claiming innocence, the evil Carey tried to justify her cruel deeds by saying that the organization's original plans would've killed the zombie population and accusing Chase and Vivian of being cowards. Chase ordered the guards he had come in to imprison Carey in a freezer until her fate was decided, but the guards revealed they were aligned with Carey as she ordered them to kill Chase outside (not wanting to ruin her "new office"). But before they could, Chase pulled out a gun from his belt and shot the three guards dead. As Chase prepared to shoot Carey as well, the unfazed villain calmly stated that they were more people like here in the organization before Chase fired.

Trivia Edit

  • Anjali Jay later recurred on Supergirl as the evil Selena.

Quotes Edit

  • "You're the traitor, Chase. That's how it will be written in the history books. Zombie Island would've gotten us all killed. All of us together in one place? Some government, probably our own, would've nuked Zombie Island into vapor. You and Vivian weren't idealists--you were cowards." (Carey's cold justification of her actions)


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