Cannibalistic Kidnapper

The evil Cannibalistic Kidnapper

The unnamed Cannibalistic Kidnapper (Odette Dark) is the villainess of Take Out, a 15-second short horror film released by Dark Reign Films (released in 2016). The film opened with the woman receiving a call from her unnamed husband, asking her what was for dinner that night. The woman replied by saying she had "picked something up" on her way home.

After hanging up, however, the woman was revealed to be a villainous kidnapper, having abducted a young girl that she presumably intended to kill and eat along with her husband. As the woman ominously sharpened a butcher knife, her victim's muffled screams became audible as the young girl was shown on the kitchen floor, bound and gagged by her captor. The film ends there, leaving the fates of the kidnapper and her husband unknown.


Take Out 15secondhorror

Take Out

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