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Candida is the evil protagonist of the 1970's Italian fumetti series "Candida la Marchesa". She is the alter-ego of Nadine, a wealthy noblewoman who lives at Castle Rambuillet with her maid Janette and her ape companion Phallus.

Nadine is ecstatic when her husband dies of a heart-attack, as she knows she'll be receiving all of his money and assets. Unfortunately for her, her husband was deep into debt, and the only way she would be able to keep the castle and all that resides in it, is to pay off the debts in a years time. To do this, she discreetly dons a skimpy outfit, eye mask and cape, and becomes the master thief Candida, robbing and murdering other wealthy individuals around Paris.

The police inspector has no clue that the woman he is in love with, is the same criminal that he's trying to catch.

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Nadine's servants, however, knows first hand her true nature...

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