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The evil Candice Michelle

Candice Michelle is a former wrestler who competed in WWE, where she portrayed a villainess.

On the 22nd August 2005 edition of RAW Candice along with Torrie Wilson, welcomed new girl Ashley Massaro to WWE. The welcome became unfriendly quickly when Torrie kicked Ashley out of nowhere and started slapping her around, as Candice watched with glee. The following week Candice and Torrie came to the ring and pretended to apologise to Ashley for their attack last week, but instead set the rookie up for a match with Victoria, one of the most experienced and meanest women on the roster. Candice and Torrie watched with pleasure as the rookie Ashley was dominated by Victoria. The three women went on to form an alliance known as Vince's Devils, and continued to torment and bully the good girls of the WWE.

On the 27th February 2006 edition of RAW Candice got an opportunity at the WWE Women's Championship but she was defeated. After the match Candice slapped Torrie, showing signs of dissension between the group. The following week on RAW Candice unveiled her upcoming Playboy cover, she then tried to make Torrie admit that Candice's cover was better than Torrie's past Playboy covers. Torrie refused so Candice and Victoria attacked her, thus ending the trio's alliance. Torrie managed to get some revenge though, when she defeated the evil Candice at Wrestlemania 22.