Candice (Diane Michelle) is a criminal/gunmoll/gangster/gang member of Rupert Thorne's Gang from Batman: The Animated Series.

History Edit

As instructed by her boss, Candice followed Harvey Dent to his psychological therapy and learned of Harvey's split personality disorder. She passed this information to Thorne, who used it to blackmail Dent. Candice was present when Thorne used Dent's psychological profile against him. This made Harvey angry leading to fight and chase Thorne. Batman showed up to help Harvey and stop Rupert Thorne. Candice sat back watching them fight as she sat there watching Candice smiled with joyed lustful look on her face. This ended in the accident that caused Dent to become the villainous Two-Face.

Later, Candice posed as a policewoman to give Dent's fiancée, Grace, a tracking emitter that she would use if she was ever contacted by Dent again. Grace was eventually called by Dent and she activated the device, allowing Thorne and his gang to locate Two-Face. During this final confrontation, Candice tried to take down Two-Face by attacking him with a big vase, but she was stopped by Grace, who grabbed her from behind and kicked her against a wall, taking her out of the fight. When the police arrived, Candice and the rest of the gang was arrested.

Candice's loyalty to Rupert was tested when she tried to form an alliance with Bane, saying that together they could "rule Gotham." Thorne heard this tape, but it is unknown what Candice's fate was.

In the movie, "Batman and Harley Quinn", Candice made a cameo appearance.

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