Candi 1 Death Prn
 is a secondary antagonist in the webcomic "Death P☆rn" by El Cid.

Candi is an assistant to the corrupt and incompetent mayor Sam White. Sam wants to build a giant wall around the city of Victoria in order to keep illegal immigrants out, but knows that he'll never be able to acquire the funding from the city council without some help. He hires a criminal named "Toad" to create terrorist beheading videos in order to make his case, but they are not submitted to him by the time that the meeting takes place. The council denies the funds, but Toad, knowing that his criminal reputation is now at stake, comes forth with a new plan. He's going use a stolen missle to blow up an area of the city.

Candi 2 Death Prn
Though frustrated by White's ineptitude, Candi is far less bothered by the immorality of his actions. This is shown early on by the sarcasm and indifference that she shows when the mayor fails to quickly kill a hooker in his office. White is eventually arrested for the murder after Candi tips off the police. She then names herself the interim mayor and states that she still intends to use the bomb to kill hundreds of people so that she can use the chaos to push through her agenda. However, the missile misses its target and instead hits the city hall; killing Candi in the explosion.

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