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The Bully is from a rival soccer club, where she is a cheerleader in the 11th episode for the BBC TV series "The Mysti Show" which appeared on June 26, 2004.  It is unsure what her name in the episode is, as well as who played her.

In the episode, she enters a diner along with two additional cheerleaders that she is obviously the leader of.  They immediately single out Mysti (Laura Aikman) and Abby (Yasmin Paige) who are cheereleaders for the good guys.  A war of words follows as the Bully is called a Klingon and a Shrek look-a-like.

The Bully fires out that next time they need cheerleaders they should "get three pigs in too-too's, they look better".

A food fight with cream pies ensues, and the girls get into a serious catfight over it.  The Bully is just about to destroy Abby, when Mysti intervenes.  Mysti is a half-human and half-fairy, who has some magical abilities.  As a result, she shrinks the Bully to about 4 inches tall.  The girl then runs away.

Mysti is reprimanded for using her powers by Professor Dust.  When she returns to the scene, she stops the food fight.  Abby has corralled the Bully in a coffee cup, and the girls make fun of her.  Mysti then releases the Bully from the cup, and the girls walk out of the diner.

We next see the Bully along with the other cheerleaders and soccer teammates get in trouble by the diner owner.  They are forced to clean up the diner.


Shrinking bully

Shrinking bully

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