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The evil Brunette Vampiress

The unnamed Brunette Vampiress (Samantha Quintana) is the hidden villainess of Like Swine, a 2016 short horror film released by New Needle Productions. The film opened with a man putting on a pig mask before following the brunette woman, having been waiting for her to arrive.

As the man continued to follow the brunette, seemingly intending to assault or kill the woman, she turns down an alleyway between two buildings. However, when the masked man looked down the alley, he was surprised to see his intended victim had vanished. But as the man removed his mask, the brunette suddenly appeared out from behind him, bearing her fangs as she was revealed as a vampiress. It was also implied that the woman was aware that the masked killer was following her, and lured him to the alley as a means of killing him herself. The film ended with the woman preparing to sink her fangs into the man's neck, presumably killing him off-screen.


"Like Swine" (Long Version)

"Like Swine" (Long Version)

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Like Swine

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