Brunette Kidnapper

The evil and nameless Brunette Kidnapper

The unnamed Brunette Kidnapper (Rachel Weber) is the plot-twist villainess of Two Devices Connected, a short horror film released by ALTER (release date August 2, 2018). The film opened with the woman entering her car, which is parked in an empy parking garage.

Despite her isolation, the woman's car revealed to her that there were two mobile devices connected to the system, alarming her. While restarting her car, the woman to find blood on her gear shift, with the car once again telling her that two devices were connected further scaring her. After checking the backseat, the brunette got out of her car and fearfully opened the trunk to investigate.

However, it was then that the woman's true nature was revealed, as the source of the second device was shown in the trunk: a bloodied man (bound and gagged with duct tape) was shown frantically pressing buttons on his phone. This served as the brunette woman's reveal as a villainous kidnapper, having attacked and abducted the man sometime prior for reasons unknown. The evil kidnapper angrily grabbed the man's phone and tossed it away, breaking it in the process, before slamming the trunk shut and driving away, the man's muffled screams being audible as his captor sped away.


Horror Short Film "Two Devices Connected" Presented by ALTER-0

Horror Short Film "Two Devices Connected" Presented by ALTER-0

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