Brunette Kidnapper-0

The evil and unnamed Brunette Kidnapper

The unnamed Brunette Kidnapper (Amelie Kennedy) is a villainess from "An Offer," episode 1.08 of The Enemy Within (airdate April 15, 2019).

The brunette was introduced as one of two police officers who were seen with Hannah Shepherd, the daugther of Erica Shepherd. In actuality, she was a villainous conspirator in league with notorious terrorist Mikhail Tal, and she and a male cohort (also posing as an officer) had abducted Hannah, which led to Erica giving Tal the names of the four agents who prevented his attempted bombing of an airport; phoning Erica and threatening Hannah's life if she didn't comply.

The abduction took place three years prior to the series' events, with the evil brunette being shown on the phone with Tal informing him about the abduction. The conspirators dropped off Hannah at her home, with the fate of the brunette villainess being left unknown afterwards.

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