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An agent with Trust an organization that has a Machiavellian history of justifying the means by the end. They are fully prepared to shed innocent blood to keep the human race in their opinion of safety. Their history includes, but is not limited to, kidnapping, blackmail and mass murder. Brooks (Benita Ha) who is a computer expert, and engineer on Hoskins' team. Brooks maintained the information on the Ancient symbols required to be translated into Goa'uld so that the rogue N.I.D. group could access Osiris's cloaked Al'kesh in Earthorbit.

When Daniel Jackson gave the unit the information she needed she uploaded the new symbols to the Al'kesh, wiped the computer's hard drives and used Asgard beaming technology to escape with the rest of her team. Some weeks later the rogue team used the ship's Asgard transporter to steal the Stargate from the S.G.C. -- using it to attack Goa'uld-controlled worlds with rockets armed with payloads of symbiote poison.

After SG-1 broke up the operation Brooks was the only member of the team to escape, piloting the ship into hyperspace. Though she herself was never heard from again, Stargate Command reasoned that she was likely captured by the Goa'uld and turned into a host -- at which point the Goa'uld would have learned enough about the Trust that they could return to Earth and infiltrate the organization.


Benita Ha also played evil step mum Kim Wheeler in 2001 movie Valentine and Xia Min in 'The Net'.

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